Our commercial contract experience includes office buildings, sports facilities and hotels. It utilizes a broad spectrum of products- from aluminum storefront and curtain-wall to translucent panel systems.

Private Education

Our professional staff is regularly engaged in the private education sector, providing educational seminars, budget analysis, architectural design, spec-writing assistance and product sales- all culminating in a first quality installation.

Public Education

We have a proven track record when it comes to competitive bidding in the public sector, with a special emphasis on the Maryland public school system. In 2007, we proudly completed our fiftieth Baltimore County school window replacement project.

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Design and Engineering

When you engage us for a “no-fee” consultation, you can expect to be inundated with questions.

Questions about: Building History. Function. Aesthetics. Operation. Maintenance. Energy Sources. Occupants. Payback Demands. Special Requirements. Budget Constraints. Timing.

All asked in a conscientious effort to arrive at the best possible solution for your particular application.
In addition to meeting your immediate project needs, we are concerned with providing lasting value- which is why we carefully consider such critical aspects as life cycle costs, sustainable design and product durability. In this way, you are insured of receiving a window system that performs efficiently now and maintains its value well into the future.

Our clients benefit from a variety of value added services that help simplify some of the difficulties you may encounter during a project. For example, Window Consultants, Inc. can furnish you with spec-writing, energy management reviews and comparative cost analysis. We also examine and address ever changing special interest needs such as disability, health and safety code regulations.

In short- we sweat the details’ so you don’t have to.